Summer is on the horizon. Are you ready?

  Click the image above to open a printable version of our Summer Schedule.

Click the image above to open a printable version of our Summer Schedule.

Throughout the Summer at Creative Arts & Music Center, afternoon and evening classes will resume - plus, we will also open morning sessions. Our new Junior Renaissance will continue through the summer as well.

For workshops, we are focusing on bringing unique experiences (like Paper-Making and Felting) and introducing new variety (such as Theater Improvisation and Songwriting 101). We will update this page as we finalize our curriculum.

summer Pricing*

Fine Arts - $98/month (four classes)
Cartooning - $88/month (four classes)
Fun Fridays - $38/class
Jr. Renaissance - $125/month (four classes) or $185/month (eight classes)
3-Day Workshops - $138/three days

*Sibling discounts available

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3-Day Workshops

Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting: june 12-14 (Ages 7+)

This workshop will be focused on the more traditional art form of painting. We will learn about color mixing, shapes, proportions, and detail. Everyone will choose a photo or image, which we will project, sketch, and paint in a photo-realistic style. Feel free to think about your image in advance and bring ideas in with you, but there will be loads of reference ideas available.

Jurassic World

Jurassic WOrld: June 19-21 (Ages 5+)

With the release of "Jurassic World" in theaters on June 22, it's no prehistoric wonder that dinosaurs will be featured in this fantasy art workshop! For three days, we will re-create the island of Isla Nublar by sculpting and painting many of your favorite dinosaurs. If you are a Jurassic fan, this series is for you!


papermaking: June 26-28 (ages 9+) 

In this workshop we will learn how to use recycled materials to make paper by hand. Together, we will build and learn how to use the “mold and deckle” technique of papermaking, make paper pulp, and learn all the different kinds of things that you can do with pulp beyond just paper to write on! There are so many possibilities and there will be plenty of time for experimentation, so bring your thinking cap and be prepared to get wet!

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes: July 10-12 (Ages 5+)

Did you know that Ant-Man was one of the founding members of the Avengers? He worked alongside Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, and Hulk to create one of the most popular comic book superheroes in the world. Come celebrate the movie release of "Ant-Man and the Wasp" by joining our workshop - where we will sculpt, paint, and draw various figures from the Marvel family.


Printmaking: July 17-19 (Ages 9+)

Printmaking is an art form that has many different shapes. In this workshop we will explore two different kinds of printing, stencil silk-screening and woodblock printing. We will learn how to screen print, create stencils, make woodblock stamps, and print on paper as well as fabric. At the end everyone will go home with a tee shirt that they designed themselves!

Papier Mache

Papier-Mâché hot air balloon: July 24-26 (Ages 5+)

In this whimsical series, we will create and personalize our very own hot air balloons via papier mache! Meaning "chewed-up paper" in French, this art form has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians made ornate masks, while Persians created long-lasting bowls and trays. Once our hot air balloon is conceptualized, we will paint and decorate them - and even make a creature sculpture ready for a ride in the gondola!


Felting: July 31-August 2 (Ages 9+)

There are two kinds of felting, wet and dry, and this week we will learn about both! First we will talk a little bit about the history of felting and different kinds of fibers. We’ll also work on two finished projects to learn the basics, plus some extra time for experimentation. Students will learn wet felting techniques to make a felted panel, as well as dry felting, where we will make a soft needle felted sheep together.

Clay Sculpting

Clay Sculpting: Aug 7-9 (Ages 5+)

Have you ever been interested in creating sculptures? This workshop will feature the many possibilities with clay! After completing an introduction to techniques, we will create our sculptures, seal with a glaze, and fire them in a kiln. 


Fun Fridays

Father's Day

Father's Day Workshop: June 15th (ages 5+)

Bring your Dad out for a date and create a personalized canvas of you and him! You will work together on this heartwarming art project. 


Songwriting: Hip-Hop/Poetry:  June 29th (Ages 7+)

Hip-Hop artist Mr. Hooper’s lyrics are an entertaining mix of self-introspection, and a reflection of American society past and present. Formerly known as Crazy Ballhead, he is an award winning independent rap artist, poet, writer, filmmaker, and producer from Sacramento! He has been a mentor to the community by guiding young minds in local schools and exploring the realm of Hip-Hop and Poetry.

Click here for more Mr. Hooper

Improvisation & Theater Games: July 13, 20, and 27 (ages 7+)

Let the games begin! Not only will we have fun and laugh, but we will also break down the barrier between mind and voice. Theater improvisation will explore many skill sets - such as listening, concentration, recognizing opportunities, and flexibility in thinking.

All three classes are recommended, but not required.

Songwriting 101: August 3 and 10 (ages 7+)

The art of songwriting is a very personal craft of self-expression. We will explore song structure, the balance of melody and harmony, various rhythms, and lyric writing. Bring your journal of ideas to class, and flex your writing muscles in this series!

Both classes are recommended, but not required.