• We ask that children 5-7 yrs old explore alongside an adult. Parent involvement makes this an even more enriching experience: we encourage parents to participate in the creation of art, while giving children the freedom to choose their own direction.

  • Our office staff and volunteers will help distribute art supplies. Please be sure to clean up your space when you finish - wash your brushes, palettes, etc. All supplies can be returned to the side counter by the sink.

  • Please respect our space and the other students! Inappropriate language is not allowed. Music is welcome, but must be listened to via headphones/earbuds only.

  • Wear shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

  • Have a GREAT time! Sculpt with clay, paint at the easel wall, draw with artist pencils, work with oil pastels, create a collage – let your mind be free to explore.

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