Mike Gray

Animation & Cartooning

Mike Gray is an award–winning writer, cartoonist, and animator. As a writer, Mike was awarded 6th place in the 1995 Hanna-Barbera Storyboard Contest, Honorable Mention in the 1996 Hanna-Barbera Storyboard Contest, and 9th place in the 1997 Nickelodeon Storyboard Contest. Mike’s cartoon, “The Three Pigs,” which he animated and voiced, appeared in the 2002 Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival. He created two shorts for the 2008’s Random Cartoons series: “Thom Cat,” which he created, wrote, and co-produced, and “The Infinite Goliath” which he co-created, wrote, storyboarded, directed and co-produced. He also produces the comic strip "Clumsy Love" three times a week at www.clumsylove.net which began in February 2009.