Art, Music, and Play: Enrichment for Young Children Ages 3-5

Art, Music, and Play: Enrichment for Young Children Ages 3-5

Trying to raise a well-rounded being?

Enrich your child's life through art and music! One or two days a week, bring your child into our special program where they will learn and grow under the nurturing guidance of Miss Karen.

Class Details

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning (excluding Spring Break and holidays) 9:30am - 11:30am
TUITION RATE: $125/month (four classes) ; or $200/month (eight classes).

**During the summertime, we will add a Wednesday morning class at the same time - tuition will be $300/month for all 3 days!

About Miss Karen

Karen Foley is a Master Teacher in Early Childhood Education for the State of California and has been in the profession for over twenty years, teaching preschool as well as conducting various youth enrichment programs. She believes in fostering a nurturing and responsive environment that facilitates each child’s natural curiosity for exploration, learning new concepts and developing a strong sense of who they are and what makes them so special.



The Junior Renaissance curriculum was tailored to meet some of the very important developmental needs of your child. Through their time with us, we will foster confidence through self-expression and help them build relationships. For a detailed breakdown of our daily schedule, please click here.

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