Erin Brown

Fine Arts (Ages 5-8) & Cartooning

Erin Brown is an artist from the Sacramento and Northern California area. Over the past 23 years, Erin has worked both as an artist and early childhood educator. Her career in the educational field began in the late 1990’s, where she worked as a nanny. After receiving a certificate in Early Childhood Education, Erin worked as a preschool teacher at Calvary Christian School in Sacramento. For the past five years, Erin has been an instructional aide for the Dry Creek Joint Unified School District in Roseville.

During the early part of 2000’s, Erin took a break from the education field to raise her four young children. During this time, she volunteered in her children’s school as an art docent. Erin enjoyed bringing her love of fine art into the classroom and the community. This led her to help with The Crocker Art Museum’s summer auctions for charity. Much of Erin’s artistic foundations come from growing up in Northern Wisconsin. Camping and fishing near the Great Lakes and forests as a child left a lasting impression on her art style. Much of her personal works include landscapes, waterscapes and other nature scenes. Erin also loves to draw lighthouses and ocean scenes.

After turning 40, with the support of her loving family, Erin took her dream of working in the field of art to a new level. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer-Generated Imagery (Special Visual Effects created using Computer Software), Visual Effects and Computer Animation. Erin’s passion is to bring her love of art to the next generation using new forms of media to tell a story.