Fine Arts

Students attending these 90-minute classes are introduced to all media: sketching, watercolor, acrylics, charcoals, oils, pastels, clay sculpture, etc. They will learn different techniques, the application of many media, and the tools of the arts. Styles include realism, expressionism, surrealism, pointillism, and more. Classes are taught by our talented, nurturing teachers! All materials are included. Fresh fruit and snacks are served - everything is organic and nut-free. (If you prefer your child not to be given a snack, or if your child has any allergies, please let us know!) Tuition: $110/month. Drop-in rate: $30/class.

AGES 5-8
Mon 10am (summers only, Jun 4 - Aug 11)
Tues 1pm (Homeschool: runs Aug 13 - May 31)
Wed 10am (summers only, Jun 4- Aug 11), 4pm
Thurs 1pm (
Homeschool: runs Aug 13 - May 31), 4pm
Fri 10am (summers only, runs Jun 4 - Aug 11), 4pm
Sat 10am

AGES 9-12
Mon 10am (summers only, Jun 4 - Aug 11)
Tues 1pm (
Homeschool: runs Aug 13 - May 31), 4pm
Wed 10am (summers only, Jun 4 - Aug 11), 4pm
Thurs 1pm (
Homeschool: runs Aug 13 - May 31), 4pm
Fri 10am (summers only, Jun 4 - Aug 11)
Sat 10am

Thurs 6pm

HOMESCHOOL GROUPS: Looking to supplement your education with our art curriculum? Bring your vouchers here!

teen sketch

These 90-minute courses include exploration of technique, skill and tools, using both classical and creative approaches to drawing. Students will learn perspective, contour, gesture drawing, rendering of form, shadow, lighting and shading. Students will work with charcoals, pencils, graphite, ink, pastels and watercolor. Tuition: $110/month. Drop-in rate: $30/class.

Wed 6pm


This fun 60-minute class teaches students how to create their own cartoon figures and comic strips. Cartoonists will learn to draw with perspective, action, and emotion - and are encouraged to use their own wild imaginations! Tuition: $100/month. Drop-in rate: $30/class.

Tues 4pm and 5pm

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